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7,500 Distribution Copies 

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 Performances (non-profit) : 2000

 Performances (PAID) : 200

Number of Music Videos : 1 

Number For Audio Streams: 10000

Number For Video Streams: 10000

Broadcasting rights: YES

Radio Stations: 0

Beat Can Still Be Sold 

Credit Must Be Given (PROD. SXARRO) 



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Instant Delivery 

yes Track Out Stems

(Email for The Track Outs Stems When You Purchase) 

UNLIMITED Distribution Copies 

UNLIMITED Upload to Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music Etc. 

UNLIMITED Downloads 

UNLIMITED audio/video streams

UNLIMITED music videos

 UNLIMITED Profit Performance (NON-PROFIT) 

UNLIMITED Profit Performance (PAID)

UNLIMITED Radio Stations

Broadcasting Rights : YES

Beat Cannot Be Sold 

Credit Must Be Given (PROD. SXARRO)